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13. Object IDs

Private Object IDs and OID lists for the distinguished name or extended key usage can be added in files listed below. The files are:

The search path for all the files is listed below. All files except oids.txt are searched in the order listed below and search stops at the first file found. The oids.txt file is searched in reversed order and all oids.txt files found are loaded.



All Object IDs that are not official, but belong to your company or organisation can be added in the file oids.txt. All possible locations for this file are searched and all oids.txt files found are loaded. This way the application-installer adds some in /usr/share/xca, the Administrator in /etc/xca and the user in $HOME/.xca. The format of this file is:
Leading and trailing spaces between the colons and the text are ignored. Lines starting with a # are ignored.

The files containing OID lists (eku.txt, dn.txt, aia.txt) are handled in a different way, only the first one found is used. The format of this files is one entry per line. The entry can be either the numerical OID like, the short name like iKEIntermediate or the long name IP security end entity. Lines starting with a # are ignored. If this files shall contain new inofficial OIDs, they must be also mentioned in one of the oids.txt files.

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