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2. Misc

2.1 Updating from Older Versions (Older than 0.6.0)

Older versions of XCA used a Berkely database for storing the crypto items. Starting from version 0.6.0 this has changed to a simple endian independent file format for several reasons:

Since XCA 0.6.0 is not compiled with Berkeley DB support it cannot read old file formats. The extension of files has changed from *.db to *.xdb . Importing old databases is done by the following steps:

2.2 Download

The most recent stable version of XCA can be downloaded from XCA download

The current (unstable) HEAD of development can be downloaded and tested via XCA devel Please do not hesitate to contact me for information about branches.

2.3 DH Parameters

Diffie Hellman parameters can be created by XCA. It does neither need nor use the parameters. Applications like OpenVPN however need them and so XCA provides this functionality for users convenience.

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