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XCA - X Certificate and key management

(c) by Christian Hohnstädt,

August 2015 - Version 1.3.0

This application is intended for creating and managing X.509 certificates, certificate requests, RSA, DSA and EC private keys, Smartcards and CRLs. Everything that is needed for a CA is implemented. All CAs can sign sub-CAs recursively. These certificate chains are shown clearly. For an easy company-wide use there are customiseable templates that can be used for certificate or request generation. All crypto data is stored in an endian-agnostic file format portable across operating systems.

1. Introduction

2. Misc

3. Command Line Options

4. Common Actions

5. The Certificate Input Dialog

6. Smartcards (Security Tokens)

7. RSA, DSA and EC Keys

8. Certificate Signing Requests

9. Certificates

10. Templates

11. Certificate Revocation Lists

12. Options

13. Object IDs

14. Step by Step guides

15. Appendix

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